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19-Oct-2020 17:40

Mc Graw holds a doctorate in psychology, but has not been a licensed psychologist since 2006, when he let his Texas license expire. Phil” after he worked with Oprah as a consultant when she was unsuccessfully sued by cattle ranchers in Texas for bad-mouthing the beef industry.He started appearing on her show, and then, in 2002, launched his own.Mc Graw declined an interview request through a “Dr. Martin Greenberg, a psychologist who serves as the show’s director of professional affairs, said guests have never been provided alcohol or directed to where to buy drugs.In a statement, he denied Herzog was left alone with a bottle of vodka in his dressing room, or given Xanax. and to give them the opportunity to get help if they want to do that.

He said hundreds have emailed the show “thanking us for helping them face or address an issue that either they, or a family member might be struggling with.” The American Psychological Association presented Mc Graw its presidential citation in 2006, saying his “work has touched more Americans than any other living psychologist.” The show has also made him wealthy: Mc Graw, according to Forbes, is the highest-paid daytime TV personality, earning million last year.He promises to “haunt them to the ends of the earth” once he gets involved in their lives. Parents come to him begging for help saving their children’s lives.Segments where guests resist his advice often feature harangues from Mc Graw, prodded by cheering from his studio audience. For many treatment centers, his endorsement brings patients and legitimacy; they offer guests free care in return for the show’s promotion. Some pepper the show’s Facebook page with their own requests for help, leaving sad stories and phone numbers where they can be reached.“Addicts are notorious for lying, deflecting and trivializing.

But, if they are at risk when they arrive, then they were at risk before they arrived,” Greenberg said in the statement.

Mc Graw has a very strong sense of trying to not exploit people,” Greenberg said in an earlier interview. One guest bought heroin with the knowledge and support of show staff, according to a family member.