Do photos really count on dating sites

29-Oct-2020 14:15

I myself have had short hair for years and I love how it looks—not only on myself, but on other women as well.I’ve also only ever dated men who liked my short crop.The sad thing is that I allowed those individuals to shape my view of the world as a whole. The worst part is that I filtered my own appearance through their perspective and saw it as reality, without even realizing it.Sure, I recognized that remarks like “women shouldn’t have short hair” and “women with short hair are less attractive than women with long hair” are sexist.Here's a small sampling of the initial comments I received that were By the end of my little experiment, I had to conclude that not only was my hypothesis completely incorrect, I was also apparently carrying around an incorrect assumption about the way men view women with short hair.

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Other than the length of my hair, every other part of my dating profiles remained the same: the same brown hair color, the same neutral makeup in most of my pictures, the same brief bio, and the same preferences for age and location radius of men.

After I had some time to reflect on the results of my experiment, I tried to figure out what the take-away was—for this article, at least.

Obviously, the take-away isn’t simply: “Cut your hair short if you want more Tinder matches!

Up until recently, I had been in a relationship for about seven years.

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I’ve also had short hair—like pixie cut short, sometimes even buzzcut short—for the same amount of time.So why did I feel so confident that men, in general, prefer women with long hair?