Disabled dating show

17-Jul-2020 01:19

Backed by one of the worlds largest dating companies, we provide round the clock support, both via email and telephone should ever you need us.In 2016 we were a nominated finalist at the prestigious online dating industry, i Date Awards ceremony For a small upgrade price, we also offer live audio and webcam video chat with our disabled members.It’s an atrocious mess of a show for more than one reason, the first of which is blindingly obvious; the name.Try to imagine the Channel 4 board meeting where they decided it was alright to insult and degrade the 10 million UK residents classed as having a disability in the name of a show alone.The patronising and exploitative nature of the show has in the past garnered huge amounts of criticism, but apparently, enough of the British public still watches it to make it worth another few years of broadcasting.As a vocal advocate for disability awareness and positive representation in the media and wider public sphere, the news naturally doesn’t make me particularly happy.It’s a shame really that they’ve limited being ‘undateable’ to people with disabilities?

We provide a safe and fun way to meet new and exciting people, that already understand there may be difficulties to overcome should cupids arrow strike!

Perhaps I’m only able to shun shows like this because I haven’t faced many difficulties in my love life.