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06-Oct-2019 22:22

Some are fond of them, perhaps because the crow's apparent intelligence makes it more humanlike than most other birds.Or perhaps it is because of the person's familiarity with a pet crow at some time in their life.The factors that seem to have the greatest negative impact on people are the crows' appearance: big and black, ugly and evil-looking.(Actually, in the right light crows can be quite beautiful: glossy and iridescent purple.)Being large and black, ravens and crows often figure prominently in the folklore and mythology of people throughout the world.On the same winter day that 200 crows may be feeding together in a field of corn stubble, eight others may descend in a suburban backyard.

They then leave or are kicked out of the parental territory, and the parents go about raising another brood.In the northern parts of their range, American crows are migratory and return to breeding sites after spending the winter in more southerly latitudes.Western American crows appear not to hold territories, but most still remain near their breeding sites throughout the year.Crows are frequently found or taken as nestlings and make very personable, if illegal, pets. The usual reasons given are that they are noisy, or that they kill little birds.

Crows have had a bad reputation for a long time, being portrayed as evil despoilers of corn crops and the brazen tormentors of the poor scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

Most small passerines set up and defend territories only in the breeding season and attract mates at that time.

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