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29-Feb-2020 10:08

Je kan het dus zien als een verlengstuk van het dagelijkse leven.

Mocht je er normaliter moeite mee hebben om met mensen in contact te treden kan dreammatch juist drempelverlagend werken.

When you can very easily move from one person to the next, the value each person you communicate with is diminishes.

Hicky solves this by adding a very small fee to engage in interaction on the platform. Human psychology is such that, even if the cost is very small, having any cost at all makes people think a little more carefully about what they want to say and to whom.

But there’s a solution to this problem and Hicky is building it: The solution is two-fold.

First with Hicky you’ll have the option to exclude people from finding your profile who are located in an area you specify.

Even if you live in a big city there’s a reasonable chance a coworker might stumble across your profile.

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The system involves a combination of AI and blockchain technology to verify basic identity information.

By introducing a system where higher status users (defined as those who get more contact requests) become increasingly difficult (expensive) to contact, a more even distribution of successful matches can be smoothly obtained.

This system is explained in more detail in The Challenges and Benefits of Messaging in a Decentralized Dating Platform.

By attaching a small cost to interactions, Hicky simulates the real-world environment in which you need to think a little more carefully about what you say to people, leading to more meaningful interactions.

In most dating platforms a small percentage of the most attractive people get a majority of the matches.You could, for example, choose to not have anyone who is in or near your hometown be able to come across your profile. Another option is to set a “reverse radius.” Whereas typically dating apps only allow you to exclude people who are located outside the radius you set, Hicky will have the option to do the reverse as well.

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