Dating tips for guys

02-Feb-2020 20:03

The second you let your temper flare with her, or if she sees that she can push buttons and play you like a puppet, you're doomed.She will lose attraction for you, and she'll also be getting reinforcement to do it again. But if you let them burn out of control, you might take the whole forest with you.So it's up to you to maintain the essential qualities of masculinity that keep her attracted to you.Over the long term, it's the only way you will be happy, and it's also the only way to keep HER happy.So of all the dating tips for guys that you learn, this is the most essential for relationships and keeping the woman you find.

Your image is going to be the first thing that women see, so you need to make a good impression from the get go.

When a woman starts to push your buttons, you'll be tempted to let loose those dogs of war, but you must keep your emotional calm.

The primary reason for this is that women judge your confidence level by your ability to stay in control of your emotions.

Maybe it's because guys aren't supposed to want relationships, or they're afraid their membership card to the Man Club will be revoked.

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The truth is that men want to be able to date many women, but ultimately want the power to snag a quality woman when she comes into his life.I meet a lot of guys who become over-dependent on the relationship, and if something happens, they become tragically lost.

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