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12-Aug-2020 15:11

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love to play anal and being told what to do with my toys.

you must show face and i like fit/athletic /muscle guys.. add me on skype and write that you found me here and your stats. About Guys I Want To Meet: love dominant muscle tops, but aslong as your willing to show yourself and play your welcome $.post("

About Me: Well, I was born in the United States, first generation Swede since my parents moved here. About Guys I Want To Meet: A great ass floors me like you wouldn't believe it. Sweetness in the front and oh so sweet in the back.

Gotta have a great sence of humour or you can´t roll with me. About Guys I Want To Meet: Cute, clean-cut guy next door type.

Needless to say, I won't respond if I can't see your face.

I am currently pursuing a career in electrical engineering, about to finish my degree this June. You know that guy at the party or the club that is the FIRST one dancing? Needless to say, I want 'that' perfect guy, as much as everyone else does. - In good shape, laid back character ad masculine - Definitly prefere to talk in a pub to clubbing - Have a phobia for artificial tan and eyebrows reshaped at the aerodynamics department at Ferrari - Madonna sucks - Love to watch documetaries, especially from BBC - ...

I don't mind if he's a little dorky, I can do cute dorky. About Guys I Want To Meet: Unless you happend to be in paris in 1789 you probably still have a head on your neck, so a photo including your face would be appreciated.

I like cooking, spending time with friends and a lot of other thing i can neve... About Me: Kinda nerdy, not-your-average-boy-next-door-but-looks-are-deceiving. As opposed to lots of guys I don't consider myself "normal" or "average". About Guys I Want To Meet: If you're older than 52 I'm most likely mainly interested in your intellect.