Dating sabbatical cheats for love hina dating

19-Nov-2019 02:45

I have absolutely no desire to get back in the game - I just need a rest. I need to strengthen myself spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. I had some eye opening experiences lately - and realized that I was expecting too much from folks who can't give it to me.

As of last week I decided I was on a "dating sabbatical" by the way. Somehow making my "non-dating" voluntary seems less pathetic. Jack involved - the dating sabbatical may have a few stipulations. Jack stipulations :) Also - for FHE tomorrow we're playing some Ward volleyball - which means volleyball playing fellas (maybe). Jack rules definitely apply volleyball fellas. Having a little crush is harmless, and to be honest, feels refreshing. And who knows, perhaps it will help me get out of my dating sabbatical earlier than planned.

It’s time well spent, but nevertheless time that you cannot spend on other things in life. Then it might be a good moment to step out of online dating for a break.