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23-May-2020 19:45

Pedersoli 50 caliber percussion rifle Description: Pedersoli 50 caliber black power percussion rifle. 5 includes shipping to FFL Only (I'm not going to try to interprate every state's laws regarding muzzle-loaders) Price: 5.00 Manufacturer: PEDERSOLI Serial Number: 80340 Caliber: 50 Pedersoli 50 caliber percussion rifle Description: Pedersoli 50 caliber black power percussion rifle. The first widespread percussion rifles were originally muskets which were converted from the older flintlock mechanism, with typical examples being the Brown Bess or Springfield Model 1822.The first purpose built percussion rifle, however, is disputed with the common consensus being the M1819 Hall Rifle produced by the Hapers Ferry Armory in the US from 1819.Percussion rifles were much more durable than their predecessors due to their simplicity and the lower likelihood of parts failure.The percussion rifle was also more reliable when faced with harsh weather and could be counted on to fire in the rain.

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Gun was obviously built for someone of means at that time.This percussion cap contained a small amount of impact sensitive explosive which then set-off the gunpowder.

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