Dating opposite politics

23-Jan-2020 04:38

Accepting influence is exactly what it sounds like, it means that if you want a happy relationship listen to your partner and their ideas as though their point of view is interesting and valid.

It doesn't mean you have to agree with everything they say but you accept their opinions as valid."According to Match's 2015 Singles in America survey, a survey of more than 5,500 singles ages 18 to 70 in the U.

So try to find some common ground, whether it’s what issues you do agree on or what values you share.

If you think they’re 'stupid' or 'ignorant' for their beliefs, you definitely won’t have a healthy relationship."So what should you do if you find yourself interested in someone who has different political beliefs for the first time? Can we toss the old "don't talk about politics on a date" rule out the window?

Every time political arguments erupted at holiday gatherings when I was younger, I'd give a signal to my cousins to meet me under the dinner table.

It wasn't because we were scared of the tension between the family's liberals and conservatives that seemed to pop up every year in between dinner and dessert at our grandma's, but rather, it was boring, difficult for us to understand, and there were never any resolutions.

It is important to approach the conversation from the perspective that though the other person may not agree with you, their ideas are just as valid as yours."Democrat, liberal, conservative, Republican — these are all labels, and I think we forget that.

Growing up, most of the men in my family were conservative and most of the women were liberal (although in my generation, that's no longer true), which meant couples didn't agree on politics, and would sometimes even argue with each other during these heated family arguments — mostly notably, my grandparents, who are notorious for being polar opposites when it comes to everything.But the chances of you dating someone like this are slim.In reality, you’ll probably see someone who has hopes, fears, dreams, and anxieties you can sympathize with — even if they vote for someone else come election day.There’s no doubt about it — finding someone you’re romantically compatible with is tough. Here at The Cheat Sheet, we believe it’s possible for you to date someone who doesn’t share your political viewpoint — you just need to remember a few of these tips.

Ideally, you want a partner who shares some of the same interests, laughs at your jokes, and has similar hopes for the future. Have you considered what it’s like to date someone who doesn’t share your same political point of view? When it comes to political parties, you probably have some preconceived notions.

But sweeping generalizations really only hurt one person: you.

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