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30-Sep-2020 03:24

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At first I chalked up his impoliteness to a personality flaw but after a few weeks and months of living in Stockholm, where I noticed how most people don’t give up their seat on the metro to pregnant women or the elderly, I realized that perhaps this is simply part of Swedish culture.And, as a foreigner willingly living and working here, maybe I just have to accept that this is the case. I was SO moved by having ONCE BEEN SAD, I made MYSELF sad. I think what I’m saying is this: please don’t feel sorry for me.Preferably from an older and wiser, motherly type, who speaks mostly in idioms and whose wisdom I can regurgitate as memes on the internet².Because fannies are glorious things people, but if you could upcycle one with a cheeky bit of ylang ylang, why wouldn’t you? Saying shit to me like: fucking lovely, but they were also new, so I couldn’t crawl up into any of their wombs yet. And even though the convo was beautifully devoid of small talk, very funny and refreshingly honest, I couldn’t be honest, it’d just kill the vibe at the table. Because deep below the ground, under all that green space and clean mid-century architecture, almost every subway station is filled with fucking vending machines.And maybe, you might ask, why was Thursday such a bad mental health day? Stocked up with chocolate, just ready and waiting for a drunk, sad person like me. But it was definitely an interesting first midsommar. Waplog is the best social network to meet new people.

I suppose the only thing I’ve learned how to do is keep my expectations low (and I mean exceedingly low) when it comes to chivalrous behavior.

Maybe I’m alone in this thought that I’m about to share, but here in Stockholm, I sometimes miss feeling like a woman.