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15-Oct-2020 11:19

You do one thing that makes one person happy, just to see someone else give you hate for doing so.You then try to please that person by apologizing and agreeing with them.In order to live up to the potential that your creator instilled in you, you must unleash your inner personality.Let it shine through and let the world know who you really are.Go out and make your own decisions and stop letting other make them for you! Just as it is none of someone else’s business to care what you think of them.If someone doesn’t like you, they don’t like you, and you can’t change that.Second Star, which is run by former Sky exec Deborah Sargeant, is part of Objective Media Group.

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Let them express their opinion, but don’t give it a moment’s thought. Trying to please everyone is like trying to be a different person to everyone that you know or will meet.The only way to really change that is to pretend to be someone that you are not. You do you, and let the person that you are continue to shine through.From time to time, people may express their negative opinion of you, whether it is to your face or online.You will always be looking to try and impress everyone, just to be met with disapproval.

I believe trying to “fit in” and be “normal” brings about this behavior.Trying to be normal is what the majority of society wants you to do. Although society may disgrace you because you are not following the “social norm,” so to speak, you were created to be different.