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12-Sep-2020 20:08

Luckily, we’ve got a proven system for meeting women in Bogota. Seriously, you should be able to meet a Colombia girl or three here with a little time and effort. An unlimited supply of Bogota girls ready and willing to meet a foreigner.

So here are a few suggestions: Most middle-class girls are on Tinder in Bogota.

Have a good backstory because the first question they’ll ask you is: Sex tourism is alive and well in Colombia.

So, the girls will want to know you’re in Colombia for something other than hookers and cocaine.

You’ll find Colombia chicks love to chat and always agree to dates. Very often rain can kill your daygame efforts in Bogota.

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Now that I’ve given you the information you need to succeed, now it’s time to pull back the curtain and tell you how to get the Bogota girls. Plus, Bogota has 10 million people in the metro area.

So don’t expect to roll up and have girls swarming you the first night.

But if you are a nightlife guy, Bogota is the best city in Colombia. Here’s why: Honestly, it’s not too hard once you figure out how to get laid in Bogota.

The historical center in Candelaria is walkable so you’ll see lots of foot traffic. Zona T is THE area in Bogota for nightlife and there are too many clubs to name. Places that tend to cater to foreigners include Armando Records and Hotel V.

There are lots of universities in South Chapinero, so you’ll see hot young girls walking to and from class. There’s also a late night spot in Zona T that gets absolutely reckless on the weekends.

Aka you can meet young models, Bogota women with fake arses, and everything in between.