Dating and breakups

21-May-2020 20:06

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Ultimately what helped me move on was realizing there are other people in this city who are far more compatible for me, who offer many of the same positive qualities he had, just better. Today I am married almost ten years to an amazing woman and we have yet to ever raise our voices at each other.

In my case, I took the mentality that I needed to learn from the experience to better myself.

It took a long time to get over it, and we did the whole still talking/hooking up deal for another year.

At this point, time is the main thing that helped me move on.

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For example: With the person I’m currently dating, one time I saw that I had written the same kinds of sentences I previously wrote about my ex, complaining about the way we were texting.

Spending time traveling and surrounding myself with friends and family and exciting experiences helped. Things that have helped me are getting a dog, going out and trying new things (a new dance class), meeting more people, and taking on new creative projects to throw my energy into.

(Of course, I did this after the sadness/crying phase ended, which took a few months.) After five months of dating someone who seemed (truthfully) not that into me, he broke up with me over the phone. I exclusively listened to Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” all day, every day, at work.

It helped me realize that often if I’m journaling about a “problem,” I’m usually just afraid to communicate what I need from someone.

So, dating isn't always the terrific thing we see on television.Now it’s just a matter of figuring out my new routine as a single person.

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