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Plan enough breathing room into your itinerary that you can hide out a bit when the onslaught of Egypt just becomes too much. Plan for the diversity of the country, in what you pack and how you adventure.What you pack for Egypt could well determine how much you enjoy your trip and which doors are open to you.

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Yet, right outside is the bustle and chaos of Cairo, where it is impossible walk a block without being harassed by half a dozen helpful friends while weaving between traffic that truly has to be seen to be believed. Wending it’s way north from the Sudanese border and the great High Dam, towards the delta of legend and mythological proportions.

I am motivated to a mindful life solely by the fear of being reincarnated as a Cairo cab driver. Camels sip quietly on the banks, children swim, families picnic, and dhyabias straight out of Victorian era adventure stories still bear the intrepid between villages and ruins that whisper out of a past deeper than almost anywhere else on the planet.

And then, there are the policemen who lay in wait to steal a traveler’s car and driver when she’s in looking at one of the less traveled and rarely toured temples, necessitating the obligatory three cups of tea, negotiation, and bald faced bribery. You’ll still have plenty of an adventure, I promise you.

Let’s not forget the military escort, the armed ruffians or the dubious paperwork, all of which must be bought in order to secure “safe” passage back onto the beaten path. We adjust our hijab, plant our western female feet, and adopt a “take no prisoners” tone in our negotiation. There are two ways to visit Egypt as a solo woman traveler. I met a couple of women traveling this way, having hired a private tour, and they were enjoying themselves immensely. The other way, is to truly go it alone, organize your own itinerary and throw yourself into the fray.

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One is supervised, usually by men, in an organized tour. I also recommend this as well, with a caveat: Egypt is not, in my opinion, a great place to begin your solo travels.Both sunburn and sunstroke are real risks, and tourists should not only cover up, but also take regular breaks from the heat.