Dating a guy two years younger than you

23-Jul-2020 06:32

That translates outside of the bedroom too, when it comes to nights out on the town and wanting to go out on weekends.That same poll from also asked survey respondents whether younger men were better looking than their aging counterparts.While it’s probably a given that you don’t want to be hanging out at his parents’ house, dating a younger man with roommates or a starter pad means that he’ll probably be kosher with spending more time at your place.Meaning more homely comforts for you — and control of the remote.Okay, so having more stamina in bed is a good reason to date a younger guy too.According to a poll by , at least 29 per cent of women reported that their main reason for choosing someone their junior was because he had more energy and stamina.They might text like crazy…and then stop texting for days.They have no consideration for your feelings, and are totally self-absorbed.

Well, we suppose not everyone can age like George Clooney. According to some, younger men have less responsibilities and therefore aren’t always stressed out about work, family or other life events.

He may like how in order your life is, and may be fine putting you in charge of making plans…or even in the bedroom.