Dating a girl who rejected me dating game clean

24-Sep-2020 13:40

It is not necessary that she has some wrong intense for doing this.She likes your company that is the reason why she wants you as a friend. if you fall into the friendship zone, they will ALWAYS see you as that.Unfortunately, I do have feelings for this girl but I'm not really interested in having a texting conversation or going out to lunch or anything like that.I'm thinking just to keep the texts short and basically see if she's down to meet up (in MY area). She's just looking for a little ego boost and to kill some time for summer. It was nice catching up, and we agreed to be less distant with each other. She called me out for ghosting her but I called her out for doing the same.

Does she expect me to pretend that I'm not into her or does she have other goals in mind?

ok, well if you ever change your mind just let me know?