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As for his relationship with Daisy, that's been tested by the rules of the series.

(It finished taping weeks ago, but the finale only just aired; in between, the couple was forced to remain apart.) "You're not going to see each other for this period of time," he explained. Some personal issues and stuff that we're working on.

In the mean time, Cable Guy, who has been warned by that he needs to interact more with Daisy if he wants to stay in the competition, is having an existential crisis. It gets down to Cable Guy and Tool Box, and of course Tool Box gets to stay because even though Tool Box is a complete and total Tool, the only crime Daisy cannot forgive is dullness, and Cable Guy is pretty dull.

Like so many reality dating show contestants before him, he feels that being aggressive is just not . Either drugs or booze or both, I don't know, but she is . Cable Guy, we shall miss your soothing calmness, semi-normal demeanor, and hideous uni-dreadlocked beard.

The team with the most-intact Daisy doll wins a dream group date with Daisy, natch.

The dudes pick teams and , team captain of the Black Team (they all wear jumpsuits representing their team colors), is determined to win some alone time with Daisy, so he takes a ton of hits to his body (and they all remark on the pain the paint pellets produce) and protects the Daisy mannequin the best. Brooklyn takes this opportunity to announce that his heart is not in this and tenders his resignation. Poor Sinister, who as the leader of the winning team is supposed to get some special one-on-time with Daisy, sits glumly in an empty VIP area alone while Daisy forgets him entirely and flirts with everyone else.

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She appears at the reality television dating show Daisy of Love.

"I never expected this," de la Hoya told "Extra" in an exclusive interview. He wasn't super solemn or melancholy or anything." She also saw no evidence of Haim taking any prescription drugs. I know he struggled with certain things, and I can relate to that." Daisy and Corey had just started dating, and were introduced by Haim's best friend, Corey Feldman.