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29-Apr-2020 16:01

While the disease does not cause infertility in women, treatments for the disease can cause problems for some women.Some of the medications female CFers need to take daily can interfere with the levels of bacteria and acidity in the vagina, making them more susceptible to thrush. About 98 percent of all male CF patients are infertile due to a blockage or total absence of the sperm canal.We’d love to give you a factsheet with all the answers, nice and simple: job done.

However, there is a difference between being infertile and sterile.

Even though the vas deferens is blocked or nonexistent, the sperm is there, and 90 percent of CF patients produce sperm normally.

This means that male CF patients can still have biological children through assisted reproductive technology (ART). Possibilities for fathering a child change after a lung transplant.

The anti-rejection drugs prescribed to lung transplant patients have been linked to birth defects.

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Because of this, some IVF clinics may not accept the sperm from post-transplant men. Cystic fibrosis affects the everyday life of patients and this includes reproduction and sex.

Men who want to father children after their lung transplant would need to speak to their doctor about sperm freezing or other options prior to undergoing the transplant. However, there is no reason why people with CF should stop doing what they want.

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