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17-Jun-2020 15:33

In her second week of life, she was sleeping predictably and only waking up once during the night. OK, that may be a bit dramatic, but around this age, Hailey’s 2 hour nap in the morning and 2 hour nap in the afternoon started changing. Her naps consisted of choppy sleep, not solid naps. Followed by a few attempts to sleep.…but her eyes would be open.

From sitting up, she would go to rolling around and looking bored.

Though Hailey usually struggled with both, sometimes she would snooze solidly in the morning, then fight the afternoon with all her might.

If we were on a long trip (4 hours), Hailey usually slept for a bit at her normal nap time; otherwise she stayed awake just fine.

I began by slowly extending Madi’s morning nap, which started at 10 am.

The first week I pushed the nap to am, then to 11am, then to am, and finally to 12pm.

Please check out my previous article on how I decided to sleep train!

Her naps became predictable after a few more weeks and after that, she smoothly transitioned from one sleep stage to the next. Then she went to crying and wanting me to come back in.

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At around 15 months, Madi transitioned from two naps per day, to one nap per day.The sleep training process also helped for Graeme and I!

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