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17-Sep-2020 17:31

He’s performing “Uninvited” in front of a spooky forest. “It was absolutely beautiful,” Steve Jones raves, before plugging Alanis’ new album, due out this summer. “I thought you were a little bit intimidated in the beginning,” Simon says correctly.

Burrito Josh also isn’t so great at harmonies, so when it becomes a duet, the person shining is the professional singer with the recording contract, while Josh looks like some random guy lost in a virtual forest. Paula thinks Josh kept his identity and his dignity, which she claims is worth million dollars.

I hope he does something similarly stripped down for this last performance. Reid says Josh is “such a rock star.” “It’s undeniable.

Nicole is honored to be part of this journey with Josh and she tells him that music loves him. The mayor of Wooster is very proud of Josh, as is his best friend and his daughter.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that this girl is on her way to the moon,” says R. Reid calls that “one of the most important songs written in the past 50 years.” He also says that Melanie got overshadowed.

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I’d be on Chris winning tomorrow, but I think I’m still rooting for Melanie.

I know it’s not nice to say this, but I’ve said it before, so I might as well repeat it: Chris Rene fans scare me a little. Are we going to continue with our mixed gender duets?