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If you’re looking for an assortment of great two-player i Message games in one app, Game Pigeon should be your first stop.

The app features 26 different multiplayer i Message games.

In just a minute, you’ll need to make as many words as you can with those letters.

Then your friends will see if they can best your score. In the different levels of the i Phone and i Pad game, you’ll try to pass each level by solving a crossword puzzle layout with the available letters.

It’s a two-player game in i Message that lets you see who the real master of the pool table is.

Before starting a match, you can use the regular i Phone and i Pad app to try a practice round.

After opening up the app in an i Message, just select a game from the list to begin.In this fun arcade-style game, both the ball and pins come alive while playing.The pins will even taunt you when they aren’t knocked down.On each course, you’ll need to try to bounce the ball off walls and more.

All the while, strive to get the ball in the hole in the smallest number of strokes possible.There’s no need to pull out the chess set when playing Checkmate!

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