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" In response to several morons trying to start their own 7chan servers and - unsurprisingly - spam the link on the site, the site administration is providing a judgement free zone where addicts can get their fix of Discord without being tenderly loved to death by the staff. You were having so much fun joining raids on /i/, and telling the newest batch of silly sausages to "lurk moar." Well now the years have passed by faster and faster, and you've still not accomplished anything with your sad life.Official 7chan Discord Permanent Invite: 7C2Gw SE The site administrators also ask that people stop fucking linking to Discords in lieu of posting content, reminding members that such activity is how chans die. At least you'll always have all those dank memes to give you a chuckle.The ARMY did not do that to America, the American leaders did. Anyone who bashed on the ARMY is obviously not schooled enough to know who makes the decisions and should look into this before they speak.Anonymous: And one last thing, go ahead and post something negative about the previous two posts.We are working on a completely recoded thread reader (read.php).The new version will have support for modern RESTful routing AND JSON/YAML API for all endpoints.

Jessica: I'm the one you dream about as you fuck your hand . But imperialists scmus and and trash people will stand always in the way of my dream. HOWEVER, i cant deny the depths to which white trash can reach, either... and i also agree with YOUR POST, up until you called me a nigfag, that is Anonymous: well, his styling may be a little over the top, but at least he's a father of two healthy kids, unlike these retards who talk about securing the existence of their race and then die as lonely alcoholics at age 30.: I may not agree with what they say, but I will defend their right to say it... An umpteenth case of undetected psychosis, this guy was DEFINITELY schizophrenic.: Let's not forget to thank the Head Chump for finding the links. Way better than, say, "our friends" Saudi Arabia, or Egypt where most little girls still get their genitals barbarically mutilated. ) Wilders in the world to take care of Koranimals like these. hate anyone that isnt your race but you worship a man that is not even of your decent. you are so contradictory in all of your actions just die there bangin': kill, kill, kill, kill it if it moves of scares you kill kill i'm a PITBULL kill KILLKILLKILLKILL u git the idea, deathmongers.

If you want to blame someone, blame the people YOU have voted for.

Bush, Clinton, Obama, and all the others that have dragged this country into needlress wars. If we stayed out of other countries business, we would have a hell of a lot less wars to send people too.

So sad Obongo tries to reinforce communism everywhereethelred: To say the US Army "saved our asses" is obviously written by a Yank, as the UK doesn't use the word "ass" except to mean a donkey Just remember that if the UK hadn't kept Hitler out for five years before you even got into the war. Let's just say we both won that war and stay friends, eh? It's your fucking nagging about it in every fucking post you make! Now go fuck yourself in the ass your fucking pedo idiot! Anonymous: Srew y'all shitbags, they ARE the pefect fucking FAMILY - and at least UNLIKE NIGGERS - THEY ARE A FAMILY & THEIR DAD DIDN'T SHUCK & JIVE HIS NIGGA ASS DOWN THE ROAD !!!

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Anonymous: An intriguing discussion is worth comment. Anonymous: All of the struggles of generations before... Horny hope: So she will send out another girl as a substitute and hope you're horny enough not to care. FLUSH ."Anonymous: I wish we lived in a true, real, FREE world. Drumpf's heavy-handed fuckery with immigration made illegal immigrants martyrs. EXTERMINATE ALL FUCKING NIGGERS & yeah 2935, no, he's not a nigger - which you obviously are: ^ that was MY post...

Anyone who does is just showing how ignorant they really are. I dare you.: The American Army saved our European asses, and it tried to safeguard us from communism. He doesn't look like de deserves the ingenious decades of technological refinements that went the mass production of his t-shirt.