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At some point, these aspects of your partner are likeable but they are not necessarily new and exciting anymore; you do not apply the same level of curiosity as you once did to the relationship since you already know so much about your lover.

Later on down the road, you may just stop being curious about your partner altogether. ” An argument of course immediately followed, based in the all-too-simple truth that sometimes we just stop inquiring who it is we are spending our life with and, as a result, we stop noticing when things change.

One way forward is to lay fresh layers of protection around your vulnerable heart.

You are dampening the other person’s ability to hurt you, but you are also less able to communicate your own love genuinely.

With care and consideration of your partner, falling in love does not have to be such a roller coaster; we just have to learn to handle our expectations.

Falling (and Staying) in Love—and Beyond When you offer your love to a partner, at first it’s very exploratory. You want to know more about their past, their family, and their odd little habits.

Those certain things extend beyond just loving you and being open and honest with you.

A dangerous word starts to get used: “always.” “You always get home first—why didn’t you call if you knew you were going to be late tonight?

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She dresses in this way and likes those sorts of people and never drinks that sort of soft drink.” “You always leave the laundry for me to fold—why can’t you fold it too?