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Just as soon as you get started, life is going to get a whole lot more peaceful and happy. It's not that we are broken, weak and destined to be miserable. i had to listen to it twice before i was honest with myself enough to START my journey to making the changes to myself i now know i needed and i won't stop till i reach my goals with luck also win back the woman of my dreams cause while she isn't my gf she refuse to leave my life cause she wanted to help me turn it around so i'm listening to C.We are consuming a highly addictive substance and it's logical & normal we became addicted. I had been in a tailspin for the past 2 yrs which has cause me the woman i love 80% of my busy sitting at home lonely blaming mostly the woman i love (no wonder she left) so i needed to do something i started with one of Craig's dating book and loved it it felt like he was talking to me. berk's books to do my part I started listening Craig programs in a time in my life when I am getting out of the rat race I had in multinational companies for 12 years.Let's be clear if you really want the secrets of how to attract women. You are going to have to do something that 95% of other guys would never dare to do. Breaking news - Women want sex just as much as men.

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I don’t drink anymore, it is still haunts me sometimes, but I want more in my life, than the crazy haze. I finally got there 💕If anyone can stop person from uncontrollable drinking Craig Beck can, however it would work only if that person wants to change.

I quickly got to the point where I could approach any woman I liked the look of.