Brendan cole dating

08-Feb-2020 06:49

Keep reading to learn more about this New Zealand dancer.

Brendan Cole was born in the largest city in New Zealand, in Christchurch and on the 23rd of April 1976 to Eddie Cole and Karen Cole, whose marriage fell apart when Brendon was just seven.

The producers’ decision to kick him off the show can be attributed to the numerous outbursts he is known for having along with his short temper, the behavior which earned him the nickname, the bad boy of ballroom dancing.

Before his time on Zoe Hobbs, a British model met Cole at a party in 2006; they dated for four years and got married in 2010.

Always a sell out, Strictly Come Dancing's Brendan Cole is once again set to dazzle audiences across the UK with *A Night To Remember.* Brendan, one of Strictly Come Dancing's most charismatic choreographers and performers, will host throughout as he leads his cast on a journey of music and dance in a spectacular night of theatrical entertainment.

Former Strictly dancer, Brendan Cole, is pictured with Norwich's Central School of Dance dancers after they performed in his show at the Theatre Royal 'Show Man'.