Body language dating relationships

21-Nov-2019 22:38

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“If you could walk into a room separately, but I don’t let you, it can be possessive or possibly show that I’m insecure and don’t want to be on my own.

There’s a fine line between possessive and insecure.” Most couples won’t sit on each other’s lap without being pretty comfortable with each other, so it shows intimacy and that they’ve probably dated a while.

If one person is always walking in front of the other though, they’re not viewing their partner as an equal.

Laying your head on your partner’s shoulder or chest is a sweet gesture, says Orbuch.

“Touch symbolizes intimacy, emotional closeness and happiness in a relationship.” So if you and your partner aren’t super close, or they just aren’t pleased with you at the moment, they likely won’t take your hand.

And the way you hold hands speaks volumes, says Orbuch.

It means you’re both interested in each other and want to be physically closer and intimate.

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“If its on first date, that could show that someone is really insecure, not sure if the other person likes them—it says something about the couple or the person in general that there are some insecure feelings." When someone wraps their arm around a partner’s waist, and doesn’t let go when one partner gets up or moves to walk single file, it illustrates possession, says Orbuch.

Kisses on the check are usually reserved for friends, and for some, this is a greeting.

As for the forehead kiss, Orbuch says there’s lots of debate about what this means.

Read on to see how she decodes these common partner gestures, illustrated by celeb couples.

“This isn’t something all couples do,” says Orbuch.Still, it’s important to consider the circumstances, says Orbuch.