Black guys white guys dating overseas

24-Jan-2020 00:16

The sensitivity around the topic of colorism is the reason it’s remained the unspoken taboo for so long — but with the arrival of social media and the drastic way it has revolutionized the rules of engagement — it appears that nothing is off limits.

We are free to tackle the burning issues that have been percolating for far too long — and as heated as things tend to get when tweets about how Black men are rude as fuck to Black women who don’t fit their jaded physical requirements — inevitably go viral — there is a sense of vindication for the women who have obviously hit a nerve — based on the potent responses.

His generation of highly-successful male stars from back in the day — were exceedingly vocal about the racial disharmony during the fifties and sixties — but when it came to applying that logic to their personal lives — the lure of proving their exquisite prowess when it came to seducing White women into bearing their children — was to great to resist.

Jones said this during an interview with GQ:“Here’s what you’ve got to understand: The interracial thing was part of a revolution, too.” “Because back in the ’40s and stuff, they would say, ‘You can’t mess with a white man’s money.…

While speaking to the gang of the currently embattled radio show — the singer had a difficult time convincing Charlamagne tha God — ( who is usually annoyingly clueless about the most basic shit) — about the validity of her challenges as a darker skinned Afro-Latina.

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Esteemed industry mogul — Quincy Jones — whose most-talked about interview with Vulture — surpassed the very definition of “candid” — has been notoriously public and proud about his lifelong pursuit of White women as romantic partners.Fair skin, shiny flowy tresses and the kind of features that fit within the range of “exotic” is typically what you would find on the arms of athletes, rappers, actors, etc.