Benefits of dating a shy guy

15-Oct-2020 14:54

benefits of dating a shy guy-11

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Being an introvert, he may not be able to plan outings according to your expectations, but he will be happy to be a part of your plan.Introverts get intimidated by unknown people, no matter how many they are.Making you a part of their close-knit circle takes a lot of effort, so they will always be humble, treat you with respect and keep all your tiny details in mind. He had just one little flaw, which actually turned out to be quite a blessing ultimately.Whenever you are having a tough day, they are the type of guys who will go out of their way to understand your issue and then research ways to cheer you up. Just because they are being themselves, you can be yourself with them too, no unnecessary judgements whatsoever. That little drawback was that he was extremely ‘shy’ especially around unknown women.Just like any other guy, he too needs his own space. Even when you are just hanging out at each other’s place, let him do his own thing.Give your suggestions about an outing or dinner, wait for his response and then mutually decide on how and where you go.You will be amazed at the adorable things they can do for you. And dating a shy guy requires some effort, because they are not your usual, macho outgoing guys who bring about an air of fun and frolic by themselves.Related reading: What you should know when dating a sensitive man Research proves that men are more introverted than women; yet, when it comes to the romantic rulebook, it’s the guy who needs to make the first move. They are sensitive, and you need to make some effort to really get to know them.

Related reading: Here’s how you can compliment your man’s smile!In that case, waiting for your shy dude to make the first move can be really frustrating. Don’t ever mention his introvert nature to him or to anyone in front of him.Make sure you do not ask “Will you be OK with so many people around?” Instead, find ways to make him comfortable at any party but very subtly. Once he is comfortable discussing those things, he will calm down. If just one or two words like yes or no, tea or coffee can answer your questions, then you will not be able to start a conversation with him at all.

Instead of asking him whether he wants to go to the mall with you, ask him if he can suggest what to buy from the new electronics shop opened at the mall.Give him plenty of chances to speak, by asking him questions. For every one sentence that he utters, it is absolutely okay if you say ten. You may have expected him to shower praises on your new hairstyle or dress, instead he just says “It’s different”. Once he opens up to you, make sure you do not let any of his intimate details out without his permission. If he has shared something with you and if you casually mention it elsewhere, he will be hurt.

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