Believers of buddhism and iran dating

12-May-2020 18:07

It has to be studied indirectly on the basis of later documents and by a comparative approach.

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Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work!On the whole, Zoroastrianism is optimistic and has remained so even through the hardship and oppression of its believers.The religion of Iran before the time of Zarathustra is not directly accessible, for there are no reliable sources more ancient than those composed by or attributed to the prophet himself.After that Buddhism crossed the Indian borders and the domain of Buddha preachers stretched to Kashmir and Qandehar and Kabul from the Indian northwestern borders. In a book written by Alexander Polyhistor 80 or 60 years before the birth of Christ he speaks about Buddhism, its relation with Iran and specially Balkh and gives detailed account about Shamans in Balkh[1]. In the same manner that the Iranian scholars contributed greatly to the propagation of Islam after its birth, many centuries before Islam they propagated Buddhism in the eastern part of the Persian empire and wrote many books about it.

Later on the religion spread to the Jeyhoon Sea and greater Khorassan and Balkh and Bukhara and eventually to the Persian empire. What we can gather from Chinese textbooks proves that the propagation of Buddhism in that country 67 years before the birth of Christ was due to the exertions of Parsi missionaries and monks.

The list includes Mitra and Varuna, Indra, and the two Nāsatyas.