Bahamas dating customs

08-Mar-2020 07:25

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Almost nothing remains of the original Native traditions.

Fernando Ortíz, the first great Cuban folklorist, described Cuba's musical innovations as arising from the interplay ('transculturation') between African slaves settled on large sugarcane plantations and Spanish or Canary Islanders who grew tobacco on small farms.

Other typical Cuban forms are the habanera, the guaracha, the danzón, the rumba, the bolero, the chachachá, the mambo,the cha-cha-cha, the punto, and many variations on these themes.

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One of the main rhythmic fusions in Cuban music is the son.

The result of the meeting of European and African cultures is that most Cuban popular music is creolized.

This creolization of Cuban life has been happening for a long time, and by the 20th century, elements of African belief, music and dance were well integrated into popular and folk forms.

Every year, Cuba holds the School Sports Games, a competition for students.

The best athletes from age 11 to 16 are invited to be tested for the Schools for Sports Initiation (Spanish acronym: EIDE).

Unlike in most of Latin America, but like many nations of the Caribbean and some of Central America, football is not a major game in Cuba, but is gaining popularity. Introduced by American dockworkers in Havana in the 19th century, the game has played a role in Cuban independence from Spain.

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