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11-Jun-2020 07:48

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Your own auctions are shown in yellow, and auctions where you are the highest bidder will show the bid price in yellow.

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Auction Lite will then offer to fill your order by selecting the auction listings that minimize the total cost to you.

No deadline may also mean that potential purchasers may not be motivated to act as quickly.

3) A key limitation of private sales / treaties is that the price is negotiated down compared with auctions where the bids increase.

Auction Lite is smart enough to find the absolute minimal cost in most cases, including cases where you can buy more items to get a lower total price.

If you would like Auction Lite to consider the resale value of excess items when making this decision (e.g., you ask for 10 items, but you'd rather get 11 at 101g than 10 at 100g), then you can enable the "Consider Resale Value" option (use "/al config").So which is better for you, auction or private sale?

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