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According to The New York Times, Ohno's father won custody of his son when Apolo was just an infant.

A recent article from the AP explains that Yuki raised Apolo alone, "after the boy's mother" - Jerrie Lee - "left early on." A 1998 item from The Seattle Times said, "Except for a few photographs, Apolo has never seen his mother." A 2002 article from Sports Illustrated reported that Ohno had "no interest in learning… When he was one, his parents divorced and custody was given to his father Yuki Ohno.

Before he appeared on Dancing With The Stars, he was famous for the youngest United States national champion.

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Sports in 2007Ohno began training at age two, and late in 1997, he won the American short-track hockey.

In 2002, he scored gold and silver in the Winter Olympics, through the 2010 Games, Apolo won silver using this particular medal that he held the record for the large trophy won by America Winter Olympian.

He won his first overall World Championship title at the 2008 championships.

No as of now apolo Anton ohno does not have a girlfriend he has been focusing on skating and now the Olympics are over he wants to do things he hasn't done in his life yet as he said " my girlfriend is the ice, she is cold and hard" Sadly his mother divorced his father when he was an infant.

He has had little contact with his biological mother and in 2002 expressed no interest in knowing her or his older half-brother. When he was one, his parents divorced and custody was given to his father Yuki Ohno. The half-brother is listed in biographical information as 10 years older than Apolo.

If that is true, it means that the half-brother must be the son of his father, not his mother, as people often say. And, the half-brother is 10 years older which would mean she would have had to have been 8 at the time of his birth. Apolo Anton Ohno is an American short track speed skating competitor and an eight-time medalist in the Winter Olympics.

Both were generally on the ice together, even though Allison got wed in 2015.

Social Media Among those powerful Olympian is of this Asian-American ethnicity, although retains the American nationality.

Sadly his mother is absent from the audience because she divorced his father when he was an infant and has had little contact with his biological mother.