Any dating sim apps dating affiliate network

14-Nov-2019 10:20

Here's a list of either translated ones or those made on the West: Or if you want good visual novels: though, that most of the dudes on are just lonely freaks who can't get a date so they use these to make up for it, and despite what tom says, they don't improve your dating skills. Why don't one of you clocks make an androgynous dating sim where you create your own clock character and try and get with other clocks. That might be a clock flash that's actually really fucking funny. (and not just romantic ;)The only one and unique of its kind game in Appstore. (and not just romantic ;)Game with real and unforgettable emotions, based on amazing gameplay. The chaotic nature of the game produces hundreds of possible game endings depend on your actions.I just wanted to stick a fork in my eye after seeing that. and btw- it's me whos gonna be working on the dating sim where the goal is to get guys, but you will have a very long wait on your hands as I have a life outside NG as well as other things I must work on.ka-ching.

I then looked for dating sims with english interface and I still could only find Key visual novels and the very few that were on steam. It just has a puzzle element to the game unlike most dating sims where you simply just choose the dialogue.

VNs = pure reading, no gameplay (other than a few choices).