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Such a process is confirmed by inclusion in these archives of meteoritic Fe (2.62 My), owing to their longer half-life).

Several models, based on the frequency of SN events, the nucleosynthesis yield and the radioactive half-life, were developed to calculate the abundance of Pu in quasi-secular equilibrium between production and radioactive decay rates.

Terrestrial archives like deep-sea Fe Mn crust and sediment archives extend over the past tens of million years.

Large dust grains entering Earth’s atmosphere have also been observed by radar detections.

The surface layer (layer 1, with a time range from present to 500,000 years BP) contains also the anthropogenic Pu signal originating from global fallout of atmospheric weapons testing, is more difficult to establish; different age models suggest a time period of 12 to ~18–20 My (ref. No Identification spectra obtained in the AMS measurements with a particle detector (two independent differential energy-loss signals (ΔE1 and ΔE2) are plotted in x- and y-axis).

Parasitic (or background) particles of different energy (for example, Pu reference material (purple triangle), the 12 events registered for one of the surface layer samples, B1 (yellow triangle) and the 2 events measured for the deeper layers B3 and D4, respectively (blue circle).

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Recent r-process models within SNe-II explosions, based on neutrino wind scenarios, suffer difficulties on whether heavy elements can really be produced in these explosions.

Extraterrestrial dust particles, cosmogenic nuclides and terrestrial input sink to the ocean floor and are eventually incorporated into the Fe Mn crust or sediment.

For actinide transport through the latter stages, the observed deposition of global fallout in deep marine reservoirs after injection to the stratosphere serves as a proxy to extraterrestrial particles.

This large discrepancy may signal a rarity of actinide r-process nucleosynthesis sites, compatible with neutron-star mergers or with a small subset of actinide-producing supernovae.

About half of all nuclides existing in nature and heavier than iron are generated in stellar explosive environments.It should be noted that Galactic cosmic-rays penetrate the SS and recent observations clearly demonstrate therein the presence of Th and U, and tentatively of Pu concentrations reaching Earth, integrated over a period of 24.5 My.

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