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Joe and Melanie become engaged and marry in front of their friends, family and neighbours.

Within weeks of their wedding, Joe receives a call from England that his mother Nell (Vivean Gray) has suffered a heart attack and to fund the medical expenses they will need to sell Number 32.

The following year Melanie reappears and moves in with Mike, Des Clarke and his son Jamie at Number 28.

Melanie's chirpy nature immediately wins Des over but when she interferes in his relationship with Jane Harris by taking a call and blasting Jane for her decision to end things with Des, he is angered but comes to realise a long-distance relationship with Jane would not be feasible and forgives Melanie.

Bronwyn mistakes this for something more and is annoyed.

Henry tries to resume dating Melanie after seeing that he is getting nowhere with Bronwyn but Melanie turns him down.

Melanie's hiccuping animalistic laugh makes Henry's family feel uneasy and Madge and Charlene conspire to set her up with Mike Young (Guy Pearce) and Gino Rossini (Joey Perrone).

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Melanie turned down the proposal as a joke, but quickly said yes.It emerges that Melanie and Joe's marriage has ended.

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