Advice on dating men

20-Apr-2020 23:51

The Seduction and Pick Up Artist community has come up with a set of truly bizarre rules based on THEORY and TRIAL and ERROR.

Sadly, “success” in the pickup artist mindset often translates as “more sex.” Women are subtly (and often not-so subtly) demeaned while the rules create an army of emotionless robots whose prime directive is to add another notch to the old bedpost.

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Because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings, or bruise their ego’s I softened my opinions and made my feedback less harsh.

The VIP Insiders Club For Men Who Win, is not like other programs.

It does not cram 10 years of material into a 3 day boot camp or a 4 hour video program, then send you off into the real world alone.

Even though I had tons of girlfriends, my male friendships were extremely tight.

When puberty hit, my guy friends started becoming very interested in the opposite sex and at a very early age found myself in the position of “Wing Girl” and “Female Advice Expert”.

Until one day I witnessed one of my guy friends, Dave, hitting on a girl and failing MISERABLY. How he could tell what that women was thinking/feeling 7. What women “REALLY” mean when they say things and Tons More…