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27-Sep-2019 20:27

But it should be hard in ways that are meaningful and relevant to the educational mission.Bureaucratic hassles are an added tax on time and patience, and that can make the difference for student success.Making those adjustments doesn’t require enormous resources or staff time.It’s mostly a matter of priority, of remembering that there’s a whole population of students who aren’t on campus and don’t have the free time of a traditional student.

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Schools are also rethinking how they offer academic advising to adult learners.

The distinct needs of adult students extend into the online world as well.

It’s true that online courses can be more accessible and more flexible, but that doesn’t mean the overall experience fits easily into the lives of working adults.

For adult students on a physical campus, that might mean easier parking, night time class schedules, or even child care.

As adult learners become a larger portion of the college-going population, universities and community colleges are getting better at providing the tailored support they need.

Many academic departments require advisor meetings before a student can enroll in upper-level courses—an easy enough drop-by for traditional students, but a heavier lift for adult learners.