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Those guys who are 7's or 8's aren't hitting on women who are 3's and 4's -- he'd likely be rejected anyway since such women would likely intuit correctly that he can do lots better and would only be interested in "using" her for a short term fling, that she'd stand no chance of keeping him when the inevitable 8 or 9 came by.So men try and date up a little in mate value (though trying to stretch it too far constitutes trying to date way out of one's league), which inevitably means women date down in mate value.Ashley gently explains to Scarlett that he is engaged to Melanie, and they must never speak of love again.Scarlett is infuriated, slaps Ashley, and smashes a piece of china against a wall.She then runs out of the room and accepts Charles Hamilton's proposal of marriage.Author Margaret Mitchell makes it clear that Scarlett is in no way attracted to Charles Hamilton, whom she considers unworthy of even the usual run-of-the-mill teasing.

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Hopefully i'll let it the thoughts run through my mind and make the right choice.

The marriage is based on her acceptance of his man as a husband as a sort of talisman against greater pain.

My other favorite movie embodiment of the folly of this kind of choice is Scarlett O'Hara's first marriage to Charles Hamilton in Gone With the Wind.

Resentment will, in some cases, turn not only into contempt, but into hatred. I myself am one who has married a second-choice husband.

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Although in my case my second choice was exceedingly like the first in appearance, behavior and even the same name. We usually hear this stated as "she's a 10" (or some other number), but the same sentiment is reflected in the everyday saying "he's a great catch".

Scarlett considers the proposal from wealthy, unencumbered Hamilton, (who is about to leave for the war anyway), and thinks "Why not take this pretty, flushed boy? No, she could never care for anything again, not if she lived to be ninety." Of course, we know that Scarlett is misjudging herself here, and lives to regret her marriage.

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