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15-Jun-2020 07:39

We understand how this might be an obstacle for many of you, which is why we’ll now talk about the best free VPN trials – with no credit card required.To sign-up for the following VPNs, all you need is your email address (and you don’t even have to use your personal one).All you have to do is to download the VPN, supply your username and password, and that’s it – no credit card required!Coming from Israel, Safer VPN is a reputable VPN service with over 700 servers.Even though Proton VPN has a completely free tier, you’ll get a 7-day trial of its premium plan to test it with no limitations.To take advantage of this VPN’s trial, you need to sign-up for its free account.

Once the trial ends, you’ll automatically downgrade to its free plan, which means there’s no chance of you being charged for a subscription.Before you start using a VPN, you’ll be usually asked to create an account by supplying a password aside from your email address – and that’s it.These VPNs won’t ask you for your payment details, and they won’t charge you after the trial ends.You can take advantage of this VPN’s free trial by signing up for a time-limited account.

Provide your username, come up with a password, and you’ll get to use Cactus VPN up to 24 hours, with no limitations.As you already know, VPNs are premium-priced applications.