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Passenger cars can certainly make this, but high clearance vehicles like trucks and SUVs are better.

From Salem The best route from the Salem area is through Detroit to Forest Highway 46.

Continue on Highway 46 for approximately 21 miles to Forest Service Road 4690.

Turn left and continue for approximately 8 miles to Forest Service Road 4220.

If you are interested in carpooling, you can post here to find or give a ride. To make this race a success we need almost 100 people to help at bib pickups, race start and finish, aid stations, and on the trail.

This is a Google spreadsheet that is viewable to anyone with the link, so only post what you want public. You can sign up for the assignment you’d like on Ultrasignup.

It is about an hour drive from Detroit to the start. Many of the roads are not paved and some are rough. The start/finish is at 5,000 feet elevation and the high point on the course is at 5,700 feet. The Mountain Lakes 100 Mountain Lakes 100 is a Western States 100 qualifier We have a vibrant community on our Mountain Lakes 100 Facebook Group.

NOTE: Map programs will not display this route during the winter as the road is closed while it is snowed in. We do have a few rules that apply to all Go Beyond Racing races. Join to learn from those who have run before, connect with runners, find pacers, etc. You can participate in the conversations on Twitter and follow Go Beyond Racing on Instagram to stay inspired.

We define trail work as maintenance of existing trails and development of new. We will also post opportunities we hear of in the Mountain Lakes 100 Facebook Group.The all-you-can-eat breakfast (mmm, bacon) is free for all volunteers, racers and up to three of their crew. The temperatures can drop to the 30s during the nighttime.