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Significant events of 1990s

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Tour to Poland (summer 1999)
15 - anniversary of ensemble, presentation CD "My native Siberian country" (November 1996)
Festival in Ust-Koksa, Altai Republic (June 1996)
Recording CD "My native Siberian country" (all 1995)
Participation in anniversary of ensemble "Yarmanka" (Fair), Turochak, Altai Republic (September 1994)
Festival "Kubanskie prostory" (Kuban open spaces), Krasnodar Region (July - August 1994)
First competition "Russia Molodaya" (Russia young) (May 1994)
Tour to Novokuznetsk (April 1994)
Presentation of vinyl disks in the House of Scientists, Akademgorodok (May 1993)
Participation in opening of Novokuznetsk Picture Gallery. (April 1993)
Participation of a part of ensemble as official delegation of Organizing Committee of the Siberian Festival in 10 International Festival Survacarsky and Kukersky games and customs, Bulgaria, Pernik (February 1993)
Second ethnographic expedition to Baykal Region, shooting of film "Korni" (Roots) (August 1992)
Beginning of shootings of ensemble in film "Soroka - beloboka..." (July, 23 1992)
The Red Square, Moscow - participation in performance "Siberian pelmeni" (December 1991)
10-anniversary of ensemble (October 1991)
Enrollment of the third staff of ensemble (September 1991)
Recording of vinyl disks in Moscow, performance in the Moscow Conservatory (March 1991)
"Svyatochny evening" (Christmas eve) in NSU (December, 7 1990)
"Rojdestvo - 90" (Christmas-90) on VDNH in Moscow (January 1990)

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